Alice Miller is a secondary school that opened in 2016 with 80 students. It began with Years 7 to 11, and continued to Year 12 in 2017. It commenced 2017 with 120 students, and by 2020 is expected to be at its capacity of 200 students. Alice Miller is a sibling-school to Candlebark School near Romsey.

Alice Miller School and Candlebark promote:

  • firsthand experiences as the best basis for learning
  • creativity and inner strength as vital foundation stones for adulthood
  • a willingness to engage with the world in a brave and open way, as a prerequisite for a fulfilled life.

Candlebark graduates have been conspicuously successful academically and socially at other schools and universities, are frequently chosen for leadership roles, and are often recognised for their maturity, tolerance and inclusive attitudes. We are delighted to see these strengths already developing in Alice Miller students.

The first and most important rule at Alice Miller and Candlebark is “no excluding”, which concisely expresses the importance the school attaches to generosity, tolerance and courtesy.

Alice Miller seeks to build on Candlebark’s success by adopting the same approach to education, but also by dedicating itself passionately to the development of students’ artistic abilities. The school recognises the growing importance and legitimacy of the arts in our society, and is strongly aligned with the views of educators like Sir Ken Robinson on the value of creativity in individual lives. It acknowledges the capacity of artistic expression to contribute to a sense of wellness, fulfilment and joy – and to massively enhance career prospects in the 21st century.

Alice Miller is committed with equal strength to its academic program. From the first announcements of the school’s establishment, applications from teachers around the world began to arrive. High-powered, creative, dedicated teachers with a dynamic approach to the best interests of their students are fundamental to Alice Miller’s educational philosophy.