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  • Our chess players are madly training for an upcoming tournament, so it was perfect timing to be graced with a visit from Leonard today, friend of the school and Russian international chess champ. Here he is playing 10+ students simultaneously!

  • Two great painters: our Basil Eliades with the national treasure, John Olsen.

  • We don't care if Monday's blue, coz we've got a Robert Smith chocolate cake (baked by Tilly Reading).

  • Anna van Veldhuisen – MusicAnna studied percussion at the Victorian College of the Arts and completed her Diploma of Education at Deakin University. She is also a keen pianist and composer. Anna teaches music using the Kodaly method and is passionate about singing in the classroom. She has composed and directed a number of music/theatre productions for festivals around Australia, and is a lover of jazz, contemporary, world, and classical music. Previously, Anna has taught classroom music, theory, musicianship and music history across all year levels the VCA Secondary School. Anna is currently completing her Masters of Education at the University of Melbourne. Her other interests include crochet, travel, baking, listening to crime podcasts and over-mothering her cat, George. She is excited to be building a music program at Alice Miller!

  • Dr Bettina Lythgoe – MathsBettina grew up in Argentina, the daughter of European parents. After graduating from high school she backpacked through Europe for a year. During her undergraduate years she also cycled through Patagonia, hiked across the Andes to Chile and hitched a ride with the Chilean Navy to the Antarctic. She was awarded a Melbourne University International Research Scholarship, which brought her to Australia, where she gained her doctorate from the University of Melbourne in plant physiology and agronomy.She met her husband at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, and has been tutoring and coaching senior mathematics for eleven years. She completed her Graduate Diploma of Education with a Vice-Chancellor's award for Academic Excellence. In 2015 she has been teaching senior mathematics at Candlebark.Bettina is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish and German. She is married with three young children.

  • Beautiful upright piano donated to the school this week by MITCH (Music in the Central Highlands) and their patron, Stephen Marriott.

  • Brennan Garcia – ScienceBrennan graduated from his Maths/Science university degree with High Distinctions in Calculus and Problem Solving, Probability and Mathematical Modelling, and Electrical/Structural Engineering, as well as high distinctions in various primary pedagogies. He also achieved a high distinction the annual "Engineers without Borders" challenge for his teams design for solar powered sanitation systems in India. Brennan was captain of his high school chess team and his interests include chess, computer, problem-solving and basketball. He has done a great deal of tutoring in the Macedon Ranges of VCE subjects including Physics and Maths Methods. During his time as a preservice teacher Brennan raised the profile of chess at his placement setting, currently coaching his schools team for the Victorian state finals.

  • Skye Myers – Classics and PhilosophySkye began teaching Classical Studies almost ten years ago at Bendigo Senior Secondary College. She has also taught Philosophy and Twentieth Century History in her time as a VCE teacher and can happily report that if, as Socrates says, real wisdom consists of knowing that you actually know nothing, she is incredibly wise indeed.Sitting on text selection panels, working as part of the Classics in Schools Project with Melbourne University, taking students on international trips and coordinating a Specialist Liberal Arts Program have all been some of her teaching experiences to date. But ultimately, she loves to teach these subjects because she absolutely adores learning about them. She is very much looking forward to working with the students at Alice Miller as they navigate their way in to the wonderful world of these fabulous subjects that take us right to the heart of what it means to live, not merely exist.Aside from being a die-hard advocate for the Greek Classical world over the Roman, she is a wife, mother, chicken wrangler, classical Cellist, yoga teacher, devotee of starchy carbohydrates and a very keen knitter and crochet-er. She is married to an incredibly patient man and has a young daughter, two dogs, eight chickens and an insufferably arrogant cat.

  • Anne Browning – English and DramaAnne graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts, and later, with a partner, started a youth theatre company in Perth, where they performed the first adaptation to the stage of works by Tim Winton. She taught at John Curtin Senior High School in Perth, before travelling internationally, which included stints teaching English in Belgium and working on a kibbutz in Israel.As a performer, Anne has appeared at La Mama, the Melbourne Theatre Company, the Queensland Theatre Company, the Playbox Theatre, and the Malthouse. She has directed for the Melbourne Theatre Company, including plays written by her husband Peter Houghton.Anne has also directed at Latrobe and Monash universities. She has been a teaching artist for the Victorian Arts Centre and ran VCE solo performance-making workshops for Malthouse Education More recently she has been teaching VCE Drama and English at St Michael’s Grammar School, St Kilda.

  • Sarita Ryan – Head of CampusSarita grew up on the mid north coast of NSW. She won a scholarship to became a full-time classical ballet student at the age of 16, but went on to finish school with entry to the Creative Arts/Law course at The University of Melbourne. However, after several years studying law, she decided on a different direction for her life, influenced by a stint of voluntary teaching in India.Her career in education saw her spend five years at Candlebark, interrupted by two years studying in Finland for her Master of Education and Developmental Studies. As part of her Master’s degree she spent much time in Zambia and Ghana, working with the International Labour Organization (ILO). During her course she won a number of awards, including a scholarship from The Nordic Africa Institute in Sweden to undertake research at the Centre in 2012.Sarita has served as Acting Principal of Candlebark on a number of occasions and will be Head of Campus at Alice Miller. She has turned down opportunities for further study at the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics (LSE) to take up her new role at Alice Miller.Sarita has made a number of appearances in dance performances throughout Europe, most recently at the Edinburgh Fringe, where every review of her show rated it “five stars”.Sarita loves electronic music, punk, running, and seeing new dance and theatre. She currently lives in London, and is looking forward to returning home again for this next chapter.

  • John Marsden – PrincipalJohn was born in Victoria, Australia in 1950. He went to many different primary schools, and from an early age enjoyed the journeys into magical worlds that reading could provide. His teachers in Grade 4 and Grade 6 encouraged him to write, and at the age of nine he decided he wanted to become an author.For seven years he attended The King's School Parramatta, a strict military school in Sydney, and from there went on to the University of Sydney. However, he soon decided that a career in law looked too boring, so he dropped out and drifted around for nearly 10 years, trying different jobs, and earning just enough money to support himself.When he was 28, he began a teaching course, which he loved from the start. Embarking on a teaching career, he also became more and more interested in writing, and in 1987 succeeded in getting his first book, "So Much to Tell You", published. A string of huge hits followed, highlighted by the Tomorrow series and Ellie chronicles. John has now sold more than 2 1/2 million books in Australia alone, and over 5 million worldwide, with many major awards to his credit.John's interest in education has never waned. In 1998 he bought the Tye Estate, 850 acres of natural bush, on the northern edge of Melbourne, and later added the property next door. For eight years he ran enormously popular writers' courses and camps at Tye, before starting his own school there, Candlebark, in 2006.Candlebark is a P-10 school, which has been described by John as "somewhere between Steiner and The Simpsons". Its friendly, lively and positive atmosphere has resulted in such success that it now has a four-year waiting list. Candlebark graduates have been conspicuously successful academically and socially at other schools and universities, are frequently chosen for leadership roles, and are often recognised for their maturity, tolerance and inclusive attitudes.In 2016, John will open Alice Miller School to allow students to experience this model of education right through to Year 12. Alice Miller seeks to build on Candlebark’s success by adopting the same approach to education, but also by dedicating itself passionately to the development of students’ artistic abilities. The school recognises the growing importance and legitimacy of the arts in our society, and is strongly aligned with the views of educators like Sir Ken Robinson on the value of creativity in individual lives. It acknowledges the capacity of artistic expression to contribute to a sense of wellness, fulfilment and joy – and to massively enhance career prospects in the 21st century. Alice Miller will be the first secondary school with a creative arts focus in rural Victoria.Apart from teaching and writing, John enjoys tennis, drinking Coke Zero and eating bright pink hot dogs. He is married, lives in Lancefield, and is step-father to six boys.

  • Basil Eliades – Visual ArtBasil has been teaching at Candlebark School for ten years, since the day the school opened. He taught for four years at the Clunes campus of Wesley College before coming to Candlebark. He has also been Artist in Residence at many schools and other institutions, and has lectured in Education at the University of Ballarat.Basil is a distinguished artist; his recent commissioned works include the last portrait of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser before Mr Fraser’s death, and a portrait of poet Les Murray. He is the author of several books of poetry, and the creator of "The Men's Deck", an innovative aid to helping men navigate through issues of manhood and masculinity.Basil has coached and nurtured the Candlebark chess team for many years, taking the school to its present ranking as one of the most successful in Victoria, in both primary and secondary sections.Basil is an ex-dancer, a violin player, a long-time student of the demanding Korean martial art Tang Soo Tao, and is trilingual, speaking English, French and Swedish. He is married, with two daughters.Photo by Chris Le Messurier

  • Many of you may have read that the National Gallery of Victoria has become the world's first Lego donation drop-off point for a new Australian exhibition by Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. Ai Weiwei received offers of Lego from people around the world after the company refused to sell to him, deeming his artwork too 'political'. If you'd like to donate, the NGV have now set up a car in the sculpture garden as a container. We'll visit the finished work next year, and may be involved in other ways.Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone.

  • Hartley Mitchell – HistoryHartley has had a distinguished career in education. He was formerly Head of History at Geelong College, Head of Staff Development at Geelong College, Deputy Principal and Head of Corio at Geelong Grammar School, Acting Dean of Studies at Ormond College, and Dean and Acting Principal at Medley Hall. His personal integrity and academic scholarship have earned him the highest reputation in educational circles. He will teach VCE history subjects at Alice Miller.

  • Maddy, who runs the Alice Miller kitchen, welcomes her first baby in June. Don't know about Bendigo or Slayer, but she's got a lot of potentials to choose from.

  • All welcome. Please RSVP at if you'd like to come along.

  • Tonight we had our first ever evening performance - the VCE jazz trio and the VCE drama class both performed wonderfully engaging programs to culminate their semester's work. Here's the jazz trio looking pretty slick. Congratulations to our Unit 1 music and drama students!

  • Some of the Year 7s, clearly having a dreadful time.

  • Today at morning meeting the Religion, Society and Politics class are holding the inaugural Alice Miller election campaign. Students away today have already submitted postal votes. The two major parties are Urbex Bangers and Chedz Enthusiasts and the Artists Party.

  • The inimitable Anne Browning in rehearsal for next week's Shakespeare Festival

  • Year 7 girls going mad for bugs and insects today at the CSIRO! 🐜🐛

  • Year 7s are off to Canberra for the week for a civics and science focused camp. City of circles, here we come!

  • We had a ripper week at Alice Miller, with Shakespeare rehearsals in full swing, a wonderful lantern-making workshop by The Village Festival's Suzanne Kalk, and this terrific talk by tech expert Ellie Harris on Monday morning. In a rapidly changing world, with today's teenagers expected to have had multiple careers by the time they hit 30, she stressed creativity, entrepreneurship and passion as the necessary skills and qualities to cultivate.

  • Rigging and set up has begun in full for our Shakespeare Festival tomorrow night. We are so impressed by the technical skills of many of our year 8s and 9s doing music / lighting / sound / stage management all day outdoors in the Macedon cold.

  • Success! Candlebark/Alice Miller mob after 4 days hiking the Goldfields Digging Track, in anticipation for future Overland Track adventures.

  • A great ol' bush dance on the 27th of August! All funds raised go to the Year 9 big trip to France and Montenegro. Everyone welcome - please share far and wide.Tickets available here:

  • Fresh from a magnificent night at the Alice Miller bush dance, the team is back for Trivia Night fun and games! This one's on Saturday the 24th of September. All proceeds go towards the Year 9s' trip to France and Montenegro in about 6 weeks' time.Tickets available here:

  • Happy Friday from Alice Miller School.

  • Year 9s exploring one of the highest permanently inhabited villages in Montenegro, Mala Crna Gora. Photo by Chris Le Messurier

  • Sarah-Cait: officially the Jenga Queen.Year 10s and 9s at The Art Of Banksy Melbourne.

WOMAD 2016

Year 7 Feathertop hike 2016

Shakespeare at Alice

Mobile Uploads

  • Production week is in full swing here at Alice Miller as we prepare for our booked out season of Dorothy Hewett's "The Man from Mukinupin" this weekend. Here's an action shot from tonight's technical rehearsal.

  • We are delighted to invite you to the Alice Miller launch of Basil Eliades' new book. Official launch by John Marsden at 6 pm. Thursday 24 August - that's next week! 5 pm on. Alice Miller meeting room. This is also a Year 9 fund-raiser towards their overseas trip, and a percentage of every book sold will go to the trip. Light super and other snacks available. Love to see you there.

  • the artist's mother, by Yasmin Hopkins, pastel on paper, beautiful work and far, far better in real life! $120

  • Self portrait, Yasmin Hopkins, oil on canvas, 2016, $150

  • SOLD bust by Molly Spencer-Stewart Yr 8

  • SOLD Equus by Tia Weiss Yr 11

  • AVAILABLE Equus by Tia Alysse Weiss, $180, mixed media on acid free paper, approx 1m long

  • SOLD Hare by Tia Alysse Weiss

  • Landscape by Lily Patton, acrylic on canvas.

  • YEAR 7 drawing after Durer's Rhinoceros

  • Portrait by Yasmin Hopkins Yr 11, acrylic on paper.

  • Collage by Shanae Davies, yr 11

  • SOLD reclining nude by Yasmin Hopkins, oil on canvas

  • Self-portrait by Yasmin Hopkins, oil on canvas.

  • portrait by Lilu Hosking, Acrylic on canvas

  • Original lino print by Siobhan Magar, unframed, $50 each, 10 still available. Beautiful work. approx 50 cm high

  • Work after Basquiat, by Keir Scott-Schreuder (et al). Approx 1m high. mixed media on canvas.

  • Life drawings by Years 8, 9, 10, 11 Each $50

Year 9s in France