Application process

Our application process involves a number of stages to ensure that our school is a good fit for prospective students. Alice Miller School is emerging as a strongly academic school, however, academic success is not a requirement for entry. We are primarily interested in students’ motivations, passions, emotional awareness, and maturity.


The application process is as follows:


  1. Download, complete, scan and send an application form, available here: application-form. Forms can be emailed to, or returned via post to PO Box 209, Macedon, Vic, 3440.
  2. Arrange to visit the school. Please write to us via the Contact page to be informed of future school tours. Unfortunately we can’t offer private tours at this stage.
  3. Schedule an interview, either through, or directly with the Head of Campus at We like to interview parents, or people in a parental role (such as foster parents), as well as prospective students.
  4. Following the interview, we may offer trial days or even weeks. 


To find out more about the school, please download our prospectus here: Alice Miller School, or get in touch via the Contact page.